Fotos: Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Essa revista alemã fez as perguntas, mas Alanis não podia falar... só fazer gestos e expressões faciais...

1.) Miss Morissette, you lived in the southern black forest (Germany) for years when you where young. could you imagine to live there again?

2.) Your first album was released when you were 17 years old. do you sometimes have the feeling that you've missed your youth?

3.) Perhaps, you have let off steam a few years later?

4.) Madonna will turn 50 in august. when you're at that age, would you pose that sexy on stage?

5.) In your new song Moratorium you wish to have a respite in relationships. Are you tired of men?

6.) When I hear your lyrics I could think you are mainly melancholic or depressive. Are you sometimes happy?

7.) On your Facebook page there are many pictures from you and your dogs. Are dogs really better friends?

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