Novo Clipe será "Not as we"

Pois é caro colegas,

FOCUS ON RECOVERYFor the video for Not As We, which was shot on Wednesday, she "wanted to focus on the recovery aspect, and show how important having support is, whether it's a therapist or friends or people hugging and touching us in non-sexual ways."So there, Ryan, she's over you. And she's singing it to the world."I am living my purpose, which is to share what I experience for people to make their own so I can comfort, or uplift, or thought-provoke, invite. That's my life purpose, so to be able to do it through art and use the gifts I have is such a great convergence of all things that are important to me.


De acordo com essa entrevista
Not as we já foi gravado
Então , proximo clip...
Not as we .

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